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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Home" - Sam Heselwood

Healing from the past is an incredible, yet difficult journey. It takes time and effort to prioritize yourself and grow from what was once causing you emotional despair. For lots of people, this phase of life may be lonely and quiet. And for others, a special someone might come in and help you, making it feel like they’ve come at the perfect time. For Sam, he was facing some hardships and trying to break free from the past. Now, he's discovering how to enjoy and live in the present moment, while also working on becoming the best version of himself. However, a special person unexpectedly came along during his journey to join and support him. Along with this companionship, she brought a sense of belonging and security. By feeling secure, loved, and supported by someone who uplifted him at every step of the way, Sam began to realize that he found home. “Home” serves as a dedication and thank you to this person - the one who provided comfort and love in a world of his imperfections and tribulations. She is the embodiment of home to him.

The majority of “Home” consists of Sam singing to his partner. During this, we hear him projecting his voice, accompanied by a rasp. This expression shows Sam’s passion for the person he's addressing and how grateful he is for her efforts during the challenges he faced as he worked on bettering himself. He begins the song by bringing attention to the significance of the present moment. He has learned to embrace it, while also breaking free from the past. It's important to adopt this mindset because attaching yourself to your past negative experiences can stop you from appreciating the positive things right in front of you, or noticing the opportunities that lie ahead of you. It’ll weigh you down and pause your progress. He makes this learning moment known by starting the song with: “Life is good right now, but it doesn't mean it always was. I had to try so hard to be the man I knew I was.” Multiple times throughout the song, Sam shares that his partner coming into his life has taught him what it feels to be at home - to feel warm, to feel a sense of belonging, and that everything currently happening is meant to be: “You bring me home and home is a place where the heart is never cold,” and, “Cause I don't ever wanna feel the way it did without you here. Never sleeping in this bed alone. You brought me home. You showed me a place where the heart is never cold.” The constant recognition and appreciation for his other half for basically the entirety of the song is absolutely adorable. A person who keeps one that they love in high spirits and standing by their side while they’re bettering their mental health and emotional well-being is a blessing. I’m sure the listeners will appreciate the vulnerability, honesty, and special connection that Sam is showcasing to the world.

Sam Heselwood is a pop singer and songwriter who grew up in Darfield, New Zealand. The stigma of “men don’t cry” is essentially thrown out the window when it comes to Sam’s discography because he explores themes of love, mental health, and family. This is done intentionally to share his feelings and in order to help others learn that its okay to express yourself, or to relate from his words. Sharing your emotions, especially as a singer who shares stories and music with the world, can reach the type of audience who’s struggling with that. Fun fact! Sam used to be a rugby player and music wasn’t his intention until he was encouraged by his primary school teacher to try, and eventually found himself captivated by it. He wrote his first song at the age of 19, and at 21, he entered the Golden Guitar Awards in New Zealand and landed as a finalist for his song, “High Off Love.” Check out Sam Heselwood’s latest single, “Home”, out now on all streaming platforms!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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