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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Hooked" - Sam Short

Sam Short’s “Hooked” is audible representation for our intrusive thoughts. The dark monologue is reminiscent of the things we only allow ourselves to know, and are afraid to proclaim to the world. Many people walk around with a fake smile and a permanent script about how life is fantastic and they’ve never been happier. All the while, life can knock you down over and over, and it’s important to feel safe sharing you need help. We all suffer from those chilling intrusions that we quickly erase and try to forget about, but being able to admit our divergence from normality is the first step in taking back the power of your mind. Healing is not linear; healing is not easy; healing is your journey to take and yours to be proud of with every small win. Struggling with your mental health should never ever be something to be embarrassed about. You are never alone in feeling alone. If we walked around with magic lenses to see the soul of every person we crossed, our self-judgment and crisis for identity would vastly improve when we realized they're just like us. Everyone has a true self with true doubts and true fears that they are pushing down, but the sooner we admit we are not this intangible perfect being, we level up to be the person we are, and that is the moment we begin to truly live and be proud of our past because it allowed us to open up to the world, and most importantly, ourselves. Sam Short gives her listeners a safe space to expose their inner demons, admit the hard truth that everything is not okay, and find solace and camaraderie with the hundreds of thousands of souls who are listening right now, feeling the exact same way.

“Hooked” is a moody alt-pop song that gives us a glimpse into Sam Short’s diary of her mind. She wrote this song as someone who struggles with OCD, and she wanted to turn her dark inner thoughts into a song to help others. Listeners are able to ride along the common journey of spiraling, negative thoughts, and we get an accurate peak into the head of someone who is struggling. It’s incredibly essential to be able to openly speak about our grapple with mental health, and in today’s society, it’s astonishingly beautiful that people are using their craft to bring people together and try to save lives. “Hooked” has a cheeky, cynical nature that lets the audience openly scream their struggles and realize everyone has their own, unique battle with mental health issues. Sam wrote this as a song she wished she could’ve heard at her lowest, and now she’s giving us the gift to save it for that really rainy day when we need it most.

Sam Short is an Oregon bred, LA based indie-pop singer/songwriter. Sam first made her debut as a solo artist in 2022 with her release of empowerment anthem, “Already Mine,” that went viral on TikTok. She followed that with another viral release about body positivity called “Naked”. This emerging pop artist is using her music to tackle some of life’s biggest challenges that we all face, and she does it in a way where we can openly sing at the top of our lungs to a catchy track that perfectly describes the things we can’t always understand. With millions of views on TikTok and Instagram, Sam secured a spot opening on tour for ELIO last month. Having worked with Travis Barker, MGK, Jesse Rutherford, and more, her talent is magnetic, and she is sure to take the world by storm, and she continues to use her power for the purest form of good and helping thy neighbor. Sam Short is fully tapping into her artistry with her debut, full-length EP to be released this summer, and we can assure you, you’re gonna be hooked!

Written By Grace Chapman



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