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  • Major Taylor

Review: "hope u feel ok" - Rob Eberle

Rob Eberle hope u feel ok Cover Art

Eberle's latest release "hope u feel ok" is a reflective alternative pop track that dives into theme of emotional closure. Eberle intricately narrates the aftermath of a chaotic relationship, capturing moments of lingering feelings and the longing for his ex’s well-being. The song's passionate storytelling, like an Olivia Rodrigo hit, demonstrates the essence of realizing that despite the pain and distance, there is still hope that his partner finds peace and happiness. This song will relate with anyone who has sought closure after a breakup, offering a bittersweet reflection on the past while providing a fun listening experience.

*Musically, "hope u feel ok" is a dynamic blend of alternative rock and pop genres, featuring catchy guitar riffs that stand out throughout the song. The gentle acoustic strumming sets a strong foundation for the song, while subtle electronic drums give the song more of a modern pop-rock vibe. The ooo’s and aaa’s vocals in the background add an ethereal texture, enhancing the song's emotional depth. The bridge is a particular highlight, where Rob Eberle's vocals shine, and the build-up to the chorus makes the beat drop feel satisfyingly impactful, urging listeners to nod along. The production is top-notch, displaying Eberle's ability to merge personal lyrics with captivating vocals, making "hope u feel ok" a standout track in his discography.*

Rob Eberle is an up and coming pop artist from Long Island, New York, who has been steadily making waves in the music scene with his distinctive alternative pop sound and powerful songwriting. With 11.2k monthly listeners on Spotify and features on popular playlists such as "sad songs to cry to" by Luisa Gaffga, Eberle is clearly on the rise. His popular releases, including singles like "Half Of You" and "ILYM," have showcased his versatility and depth as a musician, earning him a growing fan base in the pop scene. "hope u feel ok" continues this trajectory, highlighting Eberle's growth as an artist and his commitment to exploring musically. Olivia Rodrigo, FINNEAS, and Billie Ellish are people that influence his sound as an artist. As he continues to evolve, Rob Eberle is undoubtedly an artist to watch in the alternative pop genre, delivering songs that sound like they belong on today's top Billboard charts. Make sure to follow him on all socials to stay up to date with his musical journey.

Written By Major Taylor

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