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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "How Dare You Come Back" - Esthy

Dealing with a toxic ex is annoying. Especially when you finally start to heal. The feelings you once had for them all start washing back in and it feels almost like you're losing every bit of progress made since they left. How dare this person come back right when the healing began. Why is this person so bent on hurting you even more? These are the questions Esthy’s single How Dare You Come Back is asking. This song reflects how confusing and hurtful it can be when an ex returns. How Dare You Come Back focuses on Esthy's annoyance after the unwanted appearance of an ex. Everything a person would want to say in a situation like this; is said in this dreamy pop track.

The driving force behind any good song is the producer. Esthy’s talent for mixing instrumentals shines brightly on this track. The production is so simple yet so perfect. Infusing 808s with a single piano chord reflects the conflicted feelings Esthy has when their ex returns. She is confused and irritated but feels slightly relieved to see this person again. “How dare you call me while I’m still hung up,” Is a line in the chorus that showcases the internal conflict Esthy is feeling. “How dare you” insinuate that she's upset; but still hung up, giving the opposite idea. She still wants the person around her even though she knows how badly they hurt her. The need to grow beyond the relationship is still there but the relapse is a part of her journey. Esthy does a remarkable job crafting these themes in her song. Both the production and the lyrics play off of each other in such an interesting and relatable way. As a person who has experienced similar conflicts, this track is a raw and honest listen.

Esthy is a force to be reckoned with. This Hungary-born, Los Angeles-based artist has a star-studded catalog of tracks she has written and produced; not only for herself but for major artists as well. She has been writing music since she was 12 years old and even released a stand-out EP at 14! Esthy’s music has even been featured on a few television shows. She has a knack for creating some of the dreamiest pop songs you could listen to. The instrumentals are always a joy to submerge yourself in and the vocals complement them wonderfully. Esthy is someone who many would consider a master of everything. Filmmaking, music writing, and producing all in one talented artist.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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