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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "How Do I Do With You?" - Restless Modern

Physical attraction is an important starting point in a relationship. Imagine that you see someone who is as hot as Ryan Gosling in The Notebook. When you work up the nerve to talk to him, you discover that his personality doesn’t match his good looks. After the encounter, you never want to see him again. A healthy relationship can not be established on a movie star appearance alone. As the age old saying goes, “it’s what’s on the inside that counts." In “How Do I Do with You,” Restless Modern sings about meeting a beautiful girl and seeing her true colors, while also reflecting on how he let his emotions get the better of him.

The song surprised me (in a good way) right off the bat. During the first few notes, I was expecting the song to have a calmer ballad-like mood. When the electric guitar started, the song’s mood changed, and I knew it was going to be more upbeat. The melody and harmonies gave me nostalgic 90’s boy band vibes. Even though he made the song upbeat, the reflective quality is still there. That is, he feels ashamed of letting his emotions overtake him. These lyrics perfectly sum up this point: “Fight the urge to need forgiveness when temptations rise.”

If you want to hear more of Restless Modern, you should also listen to “I Hate That I’m Addicted to the Internet.” As the title states, Restless Modern sings about the hold that the digital world has on him. I think it is very relatable because of how much we rely on the Internet post-pandemic. Companies initially told their employees to work at home for social distancing purposes. Even though the pandemic is mostly under control now, companies are still letting employees work from home because it saves them money on office space. This sounds like a good arrangement…until the Wi-Fi cuts out!

Written By Kelli Dixon



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