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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "How Does It Feel" - Tom Grennan

Realizing you let something truly special slip through your fingers isn’t the best feeling. It can now at you and make you think. Everyone knows second chances are rare but that doesn’t stop Tom Grennan from trying. On his new track, How Does It Feel Tom is asking his ex for a second chance. Knowing you can have a second chance isn’t something you can take for granted. When you get that opportunity to rebuild it's a moment of rejoicing. A time to believe in love and try it again. How Does It Feel is a pop-rock anthem that explores the excitement and lighter-than-air feeling of getting that second chance at romance. Something so rare.

The track opens with muffled vocals that explode into a poppy instrumental. Immediately, it's up-tempo and fast setting the tone. This is a danceable song through and through meant to wake up your senses and have you celebrate his second chance with him. The track features heavy bass with light-footed guitar and drums. The Upbeat instrumentals mesh beautifully with the flirty lyrics. These lyrics bring Tom's cheeky side. You can’t help but shimmy and shake to this pop-rock bop. The British powerhouse didn’t come to play with rockstar vocals that show off his range as an artist.

How does it feel is a single off of Tom Grennan's upcoming album What Ifs & Maybes. Tom Grennan is a popular British artist who has a knack for creativity. Tackling all different types of subject matters in his music. He has garnered success rather quickly. This upcoming album is a celebration of his new success and the journey that got him there. It’s a fun album meant for dancing and enjoying at any time you choose. Tom wants his audience to have fun with his music and learn to love his creativity in a positive light.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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