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  • George McSherry

Review: "How?!" - Monroe & Moralezz (feat. Zach Sorgen)

My natural state is vegetative but this track has instilled some foreign desire to be absurdly active. 'How?!' is begging to be used as the choice music for a Go-Pro compilation of backflips off of rope swings into a lake, pulsing music festival crowds, mountain biking, fireworks, and summer love. I probably won't participate in any of those activities but it was nice to feel like I might for the duration of the song. If you (or someone you know) are predisposed to activity that takes place outside the comfort of air conditioning, please test my theory. I would do it but I only leave the house for depression walks with my dog.

Bouncy piano and faded, layered background vocals bring us into the verse as the rolling dance-bass and falsetto lead vocals take over on this upbeat summer bop. The ranged vocal performance is juxtaposed with hip-hop/R&B adjacent verse work to smoothly round out the genre-bending performance that has a nostalgic sound akin to a remixed Maroon 5 anthem circa 2010, specifically the pitched-up vocals in 'Misery', in the best way possible. Monroe & Moralezz enlisted the help of singer Zach Sorgen to produce the wistful vocal performance.

Monroe & Moralezz started in 2009 as a small experimental production duo out of Austria. The pair blend their eclectic musical tastes and employ their vast knowledge of genres varying from EDM to funk to curate an ever-shifting discography with no song like its predecessors. They often collaborate with artists from all over the world to keep their musical repertoire fresh and their influence far-reaching.

Written By George McSherry



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