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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "How's Your Day Been?" - Tadhg Daly

“How’s Your Day Been” is Tadhg Daly’s latest release.  It’s an indie pop anthem centered around connection and the daily intimacy of the mundane.  “How’s your day been?” may seem far from a revolutionary or sought after phrase, but it is this repetition and predictability that offers a desirable comfort.  He touches on more serious conversation topics repeating “I’m just as broken”, implying a deeper connection beyond the small talk, but the way he threads this in with their daily conversation subtly compares the two as equally important.  He speaks of this person as his safe space and offers the same in return, this is a piece on the beauty of finding reliable companionship in another.

The song begins with a catchy acoustic guitar becoming louder and louder as Tadhg begins singing.  His voice is low and natural, giving the song a sense of intimacy.  He reiterates the importance this person has in his life by beginning the song with a scene of pain and panic without them.  When they’re introduced, the mood of the music immediately lifts with his.  When this person's voice is included, a cleverly placed sound of a voicemail recording, the music goes beyond even its first change in tone, immediately bursting into the chorus.  This is the recreation of how it feels to watch someone “light up a room”.  The talent Daly has to be able to express such inarticulable feelings of adoration is incredibly palpable in this piece, he makes the listener fall just as in love.

Tadhg Daly is a singer and songwriter known for his combination of the best pieces of indie music, particularly his heartfelt lyricism.  The artist is originally from Jersey and now based in London where he creates these touching songs.  As stunning as they are heard from simply a speaker, he’s even more renowned for his live performances.  Daly has shared the stage with artists such as James Morrison and James Blunt and has found his own headlining concerts sold out time and time again across Europe.  This vast talent has been recognized by highly regarded sources such as BBC Radio, Clash Magazine, as well as features in major playlists developed by Spotify and Amazon Music.  

Written By Hailey Schap



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