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  • Julia Hooper

Review: "how would you know" - Second Thoughts

Some songs can’t help but evoke a bouncy and freeing feeling among listeners. The kind of unique, airy sound that makes people want to dance around and bop their heads. Second Thought’s new single, “how would you know” brings audiences to their feet by illustrating a state of bliss despite facing constant uncertainty. The single creates a narrative that is reminiscent of the often-conflicting emotions met in young-adulthood. While the song’s melodic instrumentation and ethereal vocals create beautiful sound, the lyrics paint a story of self-discovery, confusion, doubt and euphoria. For instance, the verse “I found a clover, you picked it to the bone, feeling low, does it show?”, speaks to our generation's common tendency to dwell on what others think of us. The stress of contemplating how people perceive you can feel like your every mistake is being dissected. “how would you know” represents the struggle of balancing self-image with the desire to live in the moment and enjoy being carefree while you can.

Intricate and lively guitar strumming, paired with energetic percussion characterizes the opening of “how would you know”. Soft, masculine vocals and a fast-paced beat give the single an indie-alternative vibe. High-pitched, soprano harmonies add a unique and haunting touch to the breezy bop. The song’s catchy chorus is undeniably groovy and dance provoking. Second Thoughts created an official music video for “how would you know” which is featured on their YouTube channel. The video showcases a vintage-indie aesthetic with the inclusion of yellow-tinted videography, unique camera angles and fun shots in the woods, surrounded by greenery and autumn leaves.

Based in Hertfordshire, Second Thoughts is an indie-pop band consisting of four members, Clara Freeman-Taylor (bassist and vocalist), Jude McCreath (rhythm guitarist and vocalist), Ben Campbell (lead guitarist and vocalist) and David Addison (drummer). The group first formed in 2018 and began drawing inspiration from the bedroom pop genre. As the members have continued their musical journey, their inspiration has ventured more into 90’s alternative rock. Second Thought’s sound is often compared to that of The 1975, The Strokes, early Artic Monkeys and Wallows. The band runs a successful TikTok account with an impressive total of 1.7 million likes and over 134k followers. Their content ranges from humorous to whimsical, and of course they use the platform to promote their music. According to their 2022 Spotify Wrapped analytics, they earned over 4.6 million total streams this year alone and reached audiences from 168 different countries. Success is nothing new to Second Thoughts, with some of their biggest hits being “nicotine stains”, “another guy” and “parachute” which amassed over 3.3 million streams on Spotify. Thankfully for fans, “how would you know” is just the first single released from Second Thought’s up and coming EP, “FLUKE”.

Written By Julia Hooper



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