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  • Chelsea Luo

Review: "I Hate It Here" - Indoor Friends

When the world is so disappointing, nothing ever goes right, and you’ve lost all hope in humanity, what more is there to do? Listen to Indoor Friends’ new song, perhaps. It talks about everything from the world being “full of spite” to “everything turning to shit,” and it’s the perfect song to play on full blast in the car after a long day. Angsty and straightforward, the band’s debut single “I Hate It Here” is the ultimate anthem for people who have had enough with life. With heavy sounds of percussion and guitar, the song’s upbeat nature trumps the negativity of its lyrics.

As the first song Indoor Friends has ever written and released, “I Hate It Here” is a quite remarkable punk-rock record. The captivating guitar riffs and pure hatred for the idiocracy of humanity makes for some incredible head-banging material. The song’s punk-style rhythm can be heard throughout the chorus, where the guitar is played with a quick, choppy strumming pattern for an aggressive, crisp and electric sound… and also to emphasize that they really do hate it here. For fans of Green Day or Good Charlotte, this song is definitely worth a listen.

Indoor Friends is a Boston-based musical group of five talented souls who have performed covers of songs from bands like Green Day and Bowling for Soup. The band consists of Amanda Bysheim (lead vocalist), Kat Delitto (lead guitarist), Krista Marie Setera (ukulele and backing vocalist), Ben Bonadies (bass guitar), and Matt Wilson (drums). Channeling her past emotional turmoil and trauma, singer and songwriter Amanda Bysheim expresses her struggles in life through music, which is evident in the band’s relatable new song. And maybe, after you’ve listened to the song a couple of times, you won’t hate it so much here.

Written By Chelsea Luo



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