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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "i just need you" - Kayla Mercuri

Indie singer-songwriter Kayla Mercuri has just released her single, “i just need you,” and it’s sure to be a hit. In this song, she writes about the slow burn of her love, starting off as strangers and growing into lovers. Kayla recalls one of the first times they met, saying “You waiter for me out in the street/you pulled me in and it felt complete.” Even though they had just met, she knew they would have something great. In the chorus, Kayla says, “one things for sure/don’t need anything more,” and she knows all she needs is him. In the second verse, she talks about all the sweet nuisances in their relationship. She says, “you’re giving me roses just because/it’s in the details I feel your love.” Kayla repeats the chorus again, and reiterates “And one things for sure/don’t need anything more/I just need you” in the bridge. She adds a sweet message for her lover at the end of the song, saying her love has no end and how her lover is her best friend.

“I just need you” is definitely a stripped back track. For the most part, it features a piano and her voice, with a laid back guitar solo after the second chorus. After the first verse, she adds in some incredibly beautiful and ethereal harmonies throughout that reverberate through the song. Following the chorus, there’s a bit of a rhythmic change that makes the song more upbeat. Her vocals are raw and her tone is beautiful, and it gives the track this down to earth feel. There aren’t crazy vocal runs or high riffs in this song, but Kayla’s voice is truly beautiful. To me, this song sounds a bit like “Slow Dancing” by Aly and AJ, another beautiful song that has a mellow backing track and simple vocals. Kayla also released a piano version of “i just need you,” which adds even more to the vulnerability in the lyrics.

Kayla Mercuri is a Boston-based singer-songwriter who first embarked on her musical journey in 2014. It was in 2014 when she flew to Los Angeles to record three of her songs that debuted on radio stations in Boston and the surrounding area. She already earned recognition with her debut EP, “Notions,” in 2015, earning a top ten spot on the 2016 New England Music Radar Award. Kayla has performed on some pretty famous Boston stages, including at the Boston Hard Rock Cafe and the longest running songfest for female artists, Chick Singer Night. Kayla has continued to impress listeners with her carefully crafted songwriting and her perfect songwriting that show her confidence and depth. She’s bringing a fresh new voice and sound to the saturated music world, and I’m sure she will continue to be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni


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