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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "I know you know" - VIVIAN

VIVIAN’s latest single is an outstanding masterpiece that beautifully conveys a cinematic story of love, heartbreak, and melancholic nostalgia. The song consists of deeply vulnerable lyrics that transports the listener into this woeful film. These lyrics are not structured like a typical song, with two verses, a single bridge, and several choruses in between. Instead, the entire song reads like a poetic novel, not one line being repeated, allowing VIVIAN to get every single one of her thoughts and feelings out in the open. She tells this narrative of her broken heart and severe regret. The song opens with her revealing exactly how the relationship ended. She sings, “I’ve thought about you ever since I left you like an idiot// Thought I’d find some college kid// You’re all I’ve wanted// Taste like freedom and heresy// Closest I got to heaven// I couldn’t understand it// So I ran, ran, ran.” She wears her heart out on her sleeve as she admits her guilt for leaving this person. She was scared of the future, so she fled, only to reach this moment in time where she is yearning for the past. Throughout the track, VIVIAN drops profound lines that further highlight her remarkable songwriting skills, such as, “Don’t even know if I like you, or just wanna be you,” and “And you go perfectly with asthma and cigarettes.” These lines show that she is not an average songwriter, but that she is a cut above the rest by creating phenomenal lyrics which demonstrate that she is a natural poet. These lines show that she is at odds with her own thoughts, questioning if she truly misses her former partner, or if she just misses the idea of them. She is unsure if they were actually good for her or if they were truly not what she wanted nor what she needed. She continues with this internal monologue reflecting on the past, before concluding the song flawlessly. At the end of the track, VIVIAN sings, “I finally threw away your shirt and your beanie// It only took a few years// I don’t even think you’ll hear// I don’t even think you’ll hear.” She confesses that she has officially decided to move on by getting rid of the things they left behind. Perhaps this last line is the saddest one found in the entire track. She spent the entire song divulging her candid emotions and finally found the courage to let go, yet she doubts her former partner will acknowledge any of it, let alone even care. VIVIAN inserts vivid details into “I know you know”, providing a deeper insight on the inner workings of her mind and the emotions that come with it, resulting in a movie-like narrative.

“I know you know” is the start of something new and magical for VIVIAN. It is the first song that she has ever co-produced, and it has forever altered the way she approaches her creative process. She initially crafted the song—lyrics and production—alone. She then brought it to her co-producer, Gregory Scott, who breathed new life into the track. Additionally, VIVIAN has revealed that her vocals were recorded in only one take, exemplifying her innate talent. The song begins with a high synth melody that slowly builds, before abruptly being cut off. The production is replaced by the steady bass that is quickly met by VIVIAN’s compelling vocals. Subtle synth waves and delicate chimes are heard in the background, providing an ethereal ambiance to the song. Throughout the track, VIVIAN periodically harmonizes with herself, further enhancing this angelic atmosphere. As the song progresses, the dreamy soundscape increases as additional keyboard sound effects are introduced. The production slowly progresses over the course of the track—so subtly that the listener may not even notice until they inevitably hit replay. Then in the last four lines, the production slows down for the climatic finale before the track fades away, like the love the two characters once had. In the background, VIVIAN is heard singing the harmony with alternate lyrics that further exemplify this critical heartbreak. “I know you know” is the perfect alternative pop song that was made to blasted while driving around on late-night roads, with the synth bass reverberating through the speakers.

Vivian Paige Luther, best known as VIVIAN, is a pop singer, songwriter, and producer from Phoenix, Arizona, now based in Los Angeles. In May 2020, she made her debut with her first single, “Intimate”. She has released several singles since then, marking “I know you know” as her sixth single. VIVIAN is not only a songwriter for herself, but for other artists as well. She has worked with artists from London, Germany, and all across the United States. In addition to her artistry, VIVIAN is also a stylist, offering her services to help clients find the perfect wardrobe for their upcoming projects and photoshoots. VIVIAN is a triple-threat in her own right, and is ready to take over the entertainment industry.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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