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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "I Need an Adult" - Nette

"I Need an Adult" is sleek, modern pop for 20-somethings who feel like they lost their way on the path to adulthood. The electric guitar and melodic songwriting are reminiscent of contemporary indie pop, while glossy electropop elements push the malaise into throbbing ache. Elements shift and fuse in puzzlebox fashion to reveal layers of bittersweetness. In the prechorus, the rhythm section falls away to Nette's vocals floating over warm synths. Contrasting movements, like when sparser moments burst into lush arrangements, give "I Need an Adult" a nonlinear energy. At any moment the floor could drop from beneath you, but its the free fall after that gives the single its thrilling charm.

The emotional core of "I Need An Adult" opens itself gradually. The first verse is disarmingly humor, instilling a levity that keeps the sorrowful confessions from souring the upbeat sound. "I've been calling my mom like seven days a week. Now I think she's ghosting me." The self-deprecating smile flips into a urgent plea for stability in the chorus. "I'm in crisis mode," she sings with fervor. From there, Nette threads between fatigue and implosion. She relatably counters each positive with a caveat ("I'm in therapy working on it, but still waiting for something to click"). I find myself especially stricken by and relating to her feelings that everyone else has it figured out. "I Need An Adult" works like a much-needed vent with your friend. You're both a little tipsy and either about to laugh or cry, but there's catharsis in its messiness.

Singer/songwriter/producer, Nette, began sharing her musical talents last year with debut single, "Feelings." Since, she's played shows across Vancouver, gaining notoriety for her captivating storytelling and fresh sound. Simultaneously, Nette has blossomed a dedicated fanbase of over 200 thousand on Tiktok. The immediacy of her sound and depth of her songwriting have given Nette a wide-ranging audience through touring and internet sharing. "I Need an Adult" was written and produced alongside Brandon Unis and Bradley Simmons of Velveteen music. It follows "Karma" as the Vancouver artist's second single of 2023.

Written By Andy Mockbee



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