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  • Amanda Palacios

Review: "I Think You Loved Me" - Noah Henderson

Do they love me, do they love me not? They’re simple words, yet, they form a rather complex question. Especially in Noah Henderson’s single, “I Think You Loved Me,” telling the hard-hitting story about someone leaving him without warning, confusing his thoughts on the entirety of the relationship. Alternative-pop fused with acoustic singer/songwriter, the song has a powerful sound, resonating the feelings of the message. To question if someone loves you should give you the answer in and of itself, but it’s striking to see that the song’s namesake still shows him questioning. He thinks they loved him, he felt their love, but then they took their love and ran. Noah’s lyrics may be a rainfall of emotional turmoil, but the music eventually lifts them up in the last chorus turning them into a snowfall of passionate yearning; as if to show he is giving it his all to convince that person one last time to fight. “I Think You Loved Me” is a rationally vulnerable and pleasantly sorrowful ballad, written straight from a shattered heart.

Conglomerated by soft acoustic strums, passionate synthetic beats and delicate harmonies, “I Think You Loved Me” is a perfectly layered track, with impeccable placement of voice effects that amplify the raw emotions incorporated into the song. However, the real treat is the subtle trumpet mixed with string instruments and rocketed drums that build the sudden intensity, pleasantly barging in after the second chorus, “Why don’t you stay for a while/ And learn how to fight for something/ How could this all be for nothing.” Noah’s voice floats on a cloud as he sings pieces of the gloomy chorus during the instrumental breakthrough, transporting you into a different world. It’s not until the last two lines are quietly sung when one’s sorrowful feelings begin to flood back in as quickly as the song ends. Leaving one to have no choice but to put it on replay and start the vicious, though beautiful, cycle over.

Hailing from Sacramento California, Noah Henderson was born to be a musician. Growing up, he learned how to play the guitar from his family, and eventually picked up skills in over ten instruments. It was only a matter of time before his musical abilities would evolve into producing, and he did so by starting off with recording for other people. Ultimately his goal was to learn music production so that he could create music the way he wanted to. His hard work paid off and in 2021, he released his first single, “Mine.” From writing and producing music for/with others, Noah learned production techniques that helped craft his own sound. Drawing inspiration from well-known artists like Jon Bellion, Lauv and Coldplay, he developed a unique mix between somber and pop; a genre that is newly rising in popularity. His newest pop-melancholic single “I Think You Loved Me” is a testament to this ode. There are endless industry-changing opportunities being taken by brilliant artists like Noah Henderson—a name you don’t want to forget.

Written By Amanda Palacios



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