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Review: "I Threw a Party (Excuses)" - EVALINA

"Love at first sight" is a cliché with some intriguing implications; especially if it involves a close buddy. We make an effort to convey our feelings through signals, but this is frequently motivated by shyness or a fear of being rejected. Illiterate love interests, however, fail to take these signs into account. The newest single by EVALINA "I Threw a Party (Excuses)," has lyrics that perfectly express these concepts. This pop synth song gets you tapping your foot to the beat. Evalina's beautiful vocals capture your ears the moment the song begins. The theme of the song, according to Evalina, is as follows: "Excuses is about giving the one you admire hints in the hopes that they will take them. Ironically, because they are unable to read minds, none of these "hints" would be obvious to the person you would like to recognize. Let the listener decide their choice."

The creation of EVALINAS' song "I Threw a Party (Excuses)" is without a doubt the product of her heart and soul. Each distinct instrument combination works in perfect harmony with the others. With the incorporation of a snare, this pop-trap vibe blends the guitar, bass guitar, and other trap percussions, especially the low kick. With the help of the doubling and reverb mixing effects, EVALINA's vocals are enriched and given additional depth. It's a nice touch to have all instrumentals fade out throughout the pre-chorus, except for the guitar, which holds the framework before all instruments reenter on the downbeat. The composition of her work portrays how passionate she is about her music and career. EVALINA unquestionably poured her heart into creating this beauty of a song.

Since being discovered by acclaimed production duo Lactonic, who nurtured her outstanding talents throughout her teens and strengthened her exceptional songwriting skills, rising pop musician EVALINA, a graduate of South London's BRIT School, has garnered fame. Despite still being in the early phases of her career, EVALINA has collaborated with some of the highest names in the industry, performed all over Europe, and earned approximately 20 million streams throughout her credits. "Side Effects," EVALINA's debut song, was made accessible in July 2022 to favorable reviews. The song was most recently named the Outstanding Debut Single for 2022 by Songwriter Spotlight. In advance of making her festival debut there in May, she recently supported Louis III while performing her breakthrough performance at London's The Great Escape festival. EVALINA expertly creates another musical masterpiece with Jo Pereira, featuring imaginative music and seductive, thought-provoking lyrics. It won't be long before Londoners would consider EVALINA to be among the best pop musicians.

Written By ShatteredSoul



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