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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "I Wanna Feel Good" - Chris James x gnash

Chris James has teamed up with gnash to create an unforgettable track with relatable lyrics. “I Wanna Feel Good” is about trying your best and wanting to be comfortable with who you are. The track is meant to inspire listeners to feel better about themselves and to lift their spirits. The song was influenced by a conversation between the two artists where they confessed their own personal struggles. From there, the track bloomed from a vulnerable heart-to-heart discussion between two friends into an honest track about wanting a break from life’s hardships. In the chorus, they sing, “I swear I try, I do the best that I can// To keep together when I know that I can’t now// I’ve been afraid to make it clear when I should but// I wanna feel good, I wanna feel good.” Meanwhile, the verses contrast this positive outlook, as the singers disclose their personal struggles. But, this juxtaposition only further emphasizes the importance of the chorus—that despite these inner demons, we can all still try our best and feel good about it.

“I Wanna Feel Good” launches straight into the chorus, instantly kickstarting the positive lyrics and the feel-good energy of the song. The listener is immediately engulfed by the track with the energetic strum pattern of the guitar. The light and airy production creates a positive atmosphere that compels them to sway along with the melody. Gnash’s vocals lead the track into the first verse, complimented by a muted production that pulls focus into the lyrics. The song uniquely transitions into the second verse before returning to the chorus. James’s vocals lead this verse, while the production brings back the sounds found at the beginning of the song. Throughout the track, the two artists use vocal harmonies to blend their individual talents together, adding a beautiful element to the song. “I Wanna Feel Good” will leave listeners wanting more collaborations between the two artists.

Chris James is a German-American singer, songwriter, and producer based in Berlin. James not only writes for himself, but for other artists as well. He is credited as a co-writer for the track, “Life Goes On” by BTS. The song is now RIAA Gold-Certified and reached the #1 spot on both the Billboard Hot 100 and the Global 200 charts. James has nearly 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify, with over 70 million streams for his own music. Gnash is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, DJ, and record producer. His hit single, “i hate u, i love you” featuring Olivia O’Brien, peaked at number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 and the track has over 1 Billion streams on Spotify. He has over 5 million monthly listeners on the platform and continues to grow his dedicated fanbase.

Written By Karlee Smith




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