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  • Isabel Mays

Review: “I Wouldn’t Love Me” - Sam Short

Do you recall a time when you viewed yourself as insufficient or a burden to the people around you? We all struggle with mental health issues at some point in our lives, but it can sometimes be hard to work around everything and get to a better headspace. Well, Sam Short understands this frustrating struggle and decided to release a powerful and relatable song about just that. “I Wouldn’t Love Me” is Short’s most recent single, and easily her most emotional. While writing this song, Short wanted to put herself in her partner’s shoes so she could try and figure out why she was struggling with conflicting emotions in her relationship. In the end, Short said she “came to the conclusion that I wouldn't love me." I want to quickly go into the lyrics because I found that they were extremely relatable and raw. “I’ve got issues, baby, no it isn’t news to me,” and “I don’t blame you if you wanna go,” are both great examples of how Short was able to convey her thoughts, feelings, and pain in some deeply truthful lyrics that, perhaps, many of us can relate to.

This song is short but sweet. And honestly, I feel that it works best this way. Short somehow managed to create a song that told a story and expressed everything that she was truly feeling deep inside, and does it all in just over two minutes. It’s genius. And I couldn’t forget the dark atmosphere this song carries. Not only from the lyrics, but from the instrumentals and vocals as well. For the majority of the song, Short sings in a whispery sort of tone, and it gives the song a haunting kind of vibe. There are also backing vocals played back in various different octaves, giving the song an added layer of depth. I love all of it, everything works together so well.

Sam Short first started gaining media attention in 2022 through TikTok and Instagram, where she shared a few of her songs with her followers. Currently, Short has six songs released on Spotify, and ranks in an impressive average of 500 thousand monthly listeners. In fact, four of her songs have surpassed 2 million listens! Her first single, “Already Mine,” was only the start of her journey. Since releasing her first song, Short has worked hard to release empowering and positive hits. Short is also set to release her debut full-length EP this summer, so I hope you all are ready to hear what else she has up her sleeve, because I am!

Written By Isabel Mays



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