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  • George McSherry

Review: "IDLYA" - Alexa Merrill

Easy, breezy... honest? I mean yeah the song is beautiful, but the honesty stands out as Alexa Merrill tussles with a faded love that was once pumped with vigor by a heart now atrophied. Despite the somber nature of the story that Alexa tells, "IDLYA" is a versatile track with fresh, bright production that would make it a welcome addition to any upbeat playlist you've got for the beach or car rides with windows down. Alexa's attempt to induce some serious toe-tapping has been successful once again.

We are introduced gently to the song with an understated piano that plays as a backdrop to the effortless vocals that float through the 80s-inspired framework rife with airy drum fills. The melancholic lyricism juxtaposed with infectiously upbeat instrumentation, reminiscent of some tracks by The 1975, subverts the somber nature expected from a breakup track titled I Don't Love You Anymore and instead unapologetically promotes radical self-love. Alexa allows the verses to serve as moments of context as she keeps them soft in register before crescendos into the bubblegum chorus that doesn't lose its texture or flavor.

Based out of Los Angeles, California, Alexa Merrill is an independent artist and musician who does literally everything in-house; from the production of her intricate singles to the directing and editing of her own music videos, Lex truly does it all. Her dedication has brought her widespread acclaim. She has opened for a wide variety of acts and has had work featured on MTV, Bravo, and BET. For more of Lex and her fine-tuned sound, follow her using the links below!

Written By George McSherry



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