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  • Alyssa Gallardo

Review: "If That's Love" - Cold Fame

This indie-pop song released by Cold Fame has listeners jumping up and down, living life to the fullest. “If It’s Love” is a track filled with spunk and the feeling of being carefree, grabbing listeners by the hands and encouraging them to breathe deeply and let go of all their struggles. Cold Fame has released a couple songs before this, but this one stands out in particular, showing the growth and skills of the band members and their teamwork. With amazing production, songwriting, and vocals, this track comes together to embody a song that is filled with youthfulness and love.

The production on this track really stands out, the drums, the beats, the works of it all. Everything seamlessly comes together and creates a song that exudes exactly the vibe it’s going for. “If that’s love, I guess I’ll take my chances.” It’s about being free and doing what you want to do despite the consequences. It’s a song that everyone can find themselves in, and that people can relate many aspects of their life to. The drums bring this pop sound, the chorus has this more indie flavour, and together it really blends into the indie-pop sound that they describe themselves as being. This song is just a combination of everything that indie-pop listeners have been asking for, and Cold Fame brings justice to that.

Cold Fame is an indie-pop band consisting of three members; Jodi, Damien, and Cody. Jodi is an amazing songwriter for the group, while Damien and Cody are the producers and composers. They are Canadians through and through and reside in the province of British Columbia. Though their music is their own, they do describe themselves as a mash up of Paramore and a dash of the 1975, creating this indie sound that they’ve refined very well. They’re an amazing group of musicians, and it’s thrilling to see what they have coming up next, that being an EP releasing early 2023 which we all are excited for. Knowing this amazing band will keep on going and releasing amazing music means there is something to look forward to this next year.

Written By Alyssa Gallardo



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