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  • George McSherry

Review: "Illustrator" - Camens

"Please, I swear to god, if you play The Strokes or The Wombats one more damn time...". If that sentence sounds all too familiar, you might need to expand your horizons for the sake of your friends. While there might be plenty of music out there to add to your little personal collection, if you don't want to stray too far from your 2000s indie-rock comfort zone Camens might just be the group for you. I have been told energy can't be destroyed or created, only change form; I'm not sure where Camens source their calories, but we need to supply them with more so they might keep going, 'cause their output seems unreal. White-water instrumentals combine to rush the energy to the surface of "Illustrator", a boisterous and vibrant track that you'll feel in your spine like a sharp shot of tequila.

No time is wasted before drums roll in, preceding the introduction of crisp chords of electric guitar and punchy vocals that form the base framework for the infectiously upbeat track. Poignant lyricism that details the unpredictability and excitement of newfound relationships is delivered with both poise and fervor, be it in the ever-so-slight lulls of the verses or in the relative fever of the caffeinated chorus. Here, Camens show a profound understanding of how to instill electric energy into a crowd, packing the soundscape to the brim with vivacious melody and percussion.

Camens, gifted to the world from the industrious Stoke-on-Trent, is the name given to this particular indie band that will stop at nothing (certainly not at festival gates) to deservedly establish themselves as a staple of your indie-rock diet. The group boasts a sound comparable to the likes of The Vaccines and Circa Waves, paying homage to groups that placed the foundations of their genre. If I had to guess, they'll find their way onto your playlists anyway, so why not get a head start and click those links below to find more sonic caffeine?

Written By George McSherry



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