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  • Dan Caddigan

Review: "In My Head" - Tom Tippin

Tom Tippin In My Head Cover Art

Tom Tippin's latest single, In My Head, is a musical masterclass centered around overthinking life's choices and the anxiety that, subsequently, accompanies it. Tippin wears his heart on his sleeve as he belts out "Sick of wishing I was someone else, Thinking everybody's out to get me" – demonstrating an artist uncomfortable in his own skin, as he battles internal inadequacies dragging him to a place where he feels undeserving of happiness. This is a highly relatable track for anyone out there personally struggling with self-confidence issues and the crippling anxiety that comes attached. Tom is sure to remind his audience, though, that these personal foibles are entirely "all in [his] head" and that he is assuredly "more than this" – a healthy reminder that any self-doubt felt is simply self-induced fiction that can be overcome in due time.

In My Head is a retro throwback to the 80's, in the best way imaginable, with its guitar-laden production and alt-pop aesthetic. Vintage synth riffs and ultra-vivid drum kicks course through this track, providing a fitting parallel for Tom's stunning lyricism and further serving to draw listeners into its illuminating draw – much akin to moths to a flame. The track's instrumentation is clean and smooth, a sign that Tippin has an affinity for high level production within his own music. In My Head stands out amongst the sea of bubblegum indie music found within today's modern pop scene and certainly deserves a listen from all fans of high quality, infectious new releases.

Nashville, Tennessee native, Tom Tippin, is no stranger to the music industry – his father, Aaron Tippin, is a platinum-selling artist with nine studio albums and over thirty singles placed on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. Tom is no nepo baby, though, having already seamlessly ingratiated himself into Nashville's Music Row from a young age and earning the respect of a bevy of writing collaborators within the industry. In 2019, Tom dropped his debut album, Teenage Heart, which was met with critical acclaim and spurred the young songsmith to release his follow-up EP, Wasted Melodies. Tippin has shown no signs of slowing down over the years, showcasing a litany of electric singles that lend credence to this rising star's talents as a solo artist. Hopefully this latest release is a precursor of further heat to come from Tom, who has now rightfully entrenched himself as a staple within America's musical hotbed.

Written By Dan Caddigan


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