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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "in the stars - cinematic version" - Sami Rose

This song, “in the stars - cinematic version” by Sami Rose, is all about the aftermath of losing someone, and how you feel like you lose a part of yourself too. That kind of grief, when someone who’s crucially important to you and always there for you suddenly isn’t anymore, is probably the deepest kind of grief we can feel. It hurts to your very core, and nothing is the same after that, as Sami Rose conveys in this song. With lyrics like “you took the best of my heart and left the rest in pieces” and “now you’re in the stars and six feet’s never felt so far”, this song perfectly describes that hollow feeling when someone you once loved is gone. Everything changes - the way you view the world and the way you interact with the people around you - and there’s nothing you can do but hope that time helps you move on.

“In the stars - cinematic version” is a beautiful song that swells with emotion through the vivid instruments and the powerful vocals of Sami Rose. Starting with lilting piano and soft lyrics, Sami Rose gently brings you into the song, before picking up the pace in the first verse as her voice gets stronger and the melody starts to expand in the background. The true difference between this version and the original version of “in the stars” starts in the chorus, with the richer instrumentation that continues throughout the rest of the piece and makes this song truly worth a spot on a movie soundtrack. I can picture this song so clearly on the soundtrack of a favorite coming of age movie, with the poignant message pairing beautifully with the piano and the violin and the heavy hitting percussion. “In the stars - cinematic version” is an immediate favorite for me, and I know it’ll be for you too!

Sami Rose is a singer songwriter based in the state of Pennsylvania. At only twenty years old, she’s already had massive success, gathering over 750,000 monthly Spotify listeners and almost 300,000 followers on Instagram. With her clear and powerful voice and her lyrical melodies, she’s caught the attention of stars like Olivia Rodrigo, James Arthur, Benson Boone, and Gnarls Barkley. She released her first single, “Enough”, on May 4, 2022, and has since released four more singles, with her debut EP on the way. “In the stars” came out on May 5 of this year, and “in the stars - cinematic version” is just one new remix of this fan favorite song. Use the links below to listen to more of her music and follow her journey to fame!

Written By Morgan Fischer

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