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  • Lauren Nolan

Review: "In Your Eyes" - Melanie Wehbe

Earlier this year, singer-songwriter Melanie Wehbe collaborated with fellow artist Paul Rey on the track "Arrows." The song was a slow tempo-ed but large-sounding ballad with a gradual buildup and powerful orchestral stings. Now Wehbe is back with her own single: "In Your Eyes." In this latest track, the musician takes all the balladry and scale from "Arrows" and pairs it with a livelier, more upbeat groove. "In Your Eyes" tells the story of a toxic relationship that goes back and forth between staying together and splitting apart. It is an emphatic track. The lyrics are emotionally resounding, and the rhythm is undeniable. Wehbe crafts a song that is perfect for nearly any occasion; whether jogging along to at the gym or screaming with in the car when you relate, "In Your Eyes" is a ballad bound to resonate.

"In Your Eyes" is a power ballad through and through. From Wehbe's performance to the production, the track is a sonic triumph. The reverbed vocals on the bridge and its jittering synth-heavy base straight from the '80s all work together to create such grandness, only furthered by the massive scale of the vocals. Wehbe's vocals are dynamic, both from a technical and emotional level. She goes from high highs to low lows, and you feel every word. When Wehbe belts "I already see that you're leaving" in the chorus, she conveys such sadness while highlighting her vocal prowess. "In Your Eyes" is an epic, anthemic ballad showcasing Melanie Wehbe's star power as a singer and songwriter.

Melanie Wehbe is a Swedish singer-songwriter who has taken the world by storm. After discovering her love of music at 14, she continued her craft until releasing her debut EP "Bloom" in 2022. Since then, the artist has seen mass success with several gold and platinum awards, with three number-ones on the air and two number-ones on Spotify. Her tracks "For the Show," "Shy (Sistek Remix)," and "Part of Me," have a collective 3+ million downloads on Spotify, and the artist has over 34,000 monthly listeners. Wehbe is also well-known for her songwriting, as three of her tracks: "Sand," "Love is Forever," and "Move," all qualified for the Eurovision Song Contest, and two winner songs for Swedish Idol. Wehbe achieved the cover feature in the popular LGBTQ+ Swedish magazine QX, and last year, she performed at Melodifestivalen. Despite the massive splash she has already made, Melanie Wehbe's career has only just begun, and you can listen to her discography, including "In Your Eyes," on all streaming services now.

Written By Lauren Nolan


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