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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "indieedgycool" - GAYLE

The world is too stressful for us to take ourselves too seriously constantly. There's an importance that comes with laughing at our actions and being able to brush off our mistakes-- it's one way we keep our heads held high under pressure and chaos. With this meaning in mind, GAYLE shows us how she makes fun of herself and keeps things interesting with the words "indieedgycool", the title of her newest release. It's energetic and aggressive with an alt-pop/pop-rock vibe. With her unique drawl in her vocals pairing fantastically with the guitar and drums in the track, it holds an underlying intensity sure to draw us in.

This new release is GAYLE's way of reminding herself not to take things seriously and be willing to laugh at others' opinions. The song title is "indieedgycool" and is a fun way GAYLE used to make fun of herself for trying too hard. She writes this song to be fun and to not care so much about the little things. It has a carefree meaning that I think everyone can learn something from--to make fun of the people that make fun of you and to stop caring about what other people think. GAYLE is witty with her lyrics, contradicting each sentence within itself, like "I love Tame Impala, I don't know what that means" and "I don't know the words, but I'll hum along/Like, oh my God, this is my favorite song". There's a humor that doesn't usually live in music that GAYLE expresses so well--it's intriguing and uniquely fun.

At age 9, GAYLE used to sing to anyone who would listen--starting her dive into the music world. She moved to Nashville while still young and was fascinated by the bustling songwriting community. Since then, she's been working towards honing her sound and adding her vulnerable touch to it, letting out an authenticity that connects her with over 14 and a half million Spotify followers. She's been nominated for two MTV VMA's-- one for "Best New Artist" and one for "Best Push Performance". GAYLE is set to release her new EP titled "a study of the human experience volume two" on October 7th, the day before she kicks off her North American headlining tour, wittily referred to as the "avoiding college tour".

Written by Jane Katryn



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