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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Infatuation" - Fond of Rudy

“Infatuation” is an enchanting melodic journey that could easily serve as the soundtrack to modern romance. From its concept in a rustic Brighton garage to the group’s pilgrimage to London’s dynamic music scene, this track benefited from the collaborative spirit and seasoned prowess that defines Fond of Rudy. The production, charmingly labeled a “bedroom recording” with members recording remotely, brought producer Sam Ray’s touch, ensuring that intimate charm and professional polish coexist beautifully.

It's hard to resist the genuine emotion and ravishing allure of "Infaturation.” Sonically, the song is a lush tapestry of 80s pop influences seamlessly interwoven with today’s indie-pop sensibilities -- the vibrant nostalgia of WHAM! Meeting the cool, stylized tones The 1975. The band’s cited inspirations are echoed in a song yet reenergized by Fond of Rudy’s fresh perspectives and intimate lyricism. The narrative is just as compelling as the song itself. Originating from a yearning for a dream-like love affair with a girl thousands of miles away, the track manifests the transformative power of music -- from longing to reality. It's a significant step forward for Fond of Rudy, not just creatively but in the universal expression of love and connection that music can foster. This track stands as an invitation to become part of their narrative and to find a piece of your own story within its harmonies.

Fond of Rudy is an indie pop four-piece formed in London/Brighton. Their songs are washed with stylistic references from 80s icons and revived to a state of modernity through contemporary production. From Matt (vocals) and Ross (guitar) creating demos on an old garage in Brighton, the band has grown with the addition of Martin (producer), Otto (bass and synth), and Si (drums), who bring a wealth of experience of contemporary pop/rock influence to London. It's no surprise that Fond of Rudy has captured attention with nods from BBC Radio 6, BBC Introducing London, and stalwarts such as CLASH Music, which rightly praises their "real sense of ambition." With "Infatuation," Fond of Rudy isn't just playing music; they're setting hearts ablaze and inviting us all to feel just as deeply.

Written By Megan Cao


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