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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Into the Blue" - Gal Musette

Photo Credit: Anna Azarov

Growing up and getting to know ourselves as a person and individual is not an easy task, but it's a very important task in order to find true happiness within ourselves. We go through phases that don't quite work out, and sometimes we pretend to be someone we're really not in the desperate hopes that others will accept you more that way. Sometimes we come across feelings of confusion and sadness when we are struggling to learn our own identity and unique purpose in this world; but once we do find it, it's the most peaceful and joyful feeling when you're able to confidently know who you are. "Into the Blue" by Gal Musette is the happy end-credit song to your story of self-discovery.

Gal Musette takes a very classic type of style, and turns in into her own modernized sound in "Into the Blue". It's a very Power-Pop forward groove and instrumentation, with it's choice of percussion, strings, and the unique use of a church bell and the theramin (which is played by Via Mardot throughout the duration of the song, along with the violin). It's rhythm and melody remind me of a classic Beach Boys song. Gal's soft and angelic vocals fit right into this style and it creates such a beautiful and euphoric type of experience while listening. It's an empowering song, but in a very peaceful type of way.

Gal Musette is an indie singer/songwriter from Southern California. "Into the Blue" is the third single off of her upcoming new album, "Pendulum", which set to release later this year. The other two singles for this album are "Plateau" and "Moment" which were released earlier this year. "Pendulum" is her second album, her debut album being "Backwards Lullaby" which released in 2021. She has been the opening act for various artists, starting when she was 14 with the band 'The Magnetic Fields'. She's also performed at the NXNE and SXSW festivals for multiple years. Some of her favorite artists include Joni Mitchell, Bjork, and The Cure. Gal Musette takes inspiration from 1900's French Chansons for her sound; mixing it with modern pop instrumentation and soft indie folk, Gal has a unique style that you won't find anywhere else.

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole


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