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  • Maddy Mahady

Review: "It Is What It Is" - Jamie Miller

Some loves are meant to last forever. Other loves… not so much. Both of these relationships teach us something, but the ones that end in a breakup teach a special type of lesson. You learn a lot about yourself, both good and bad. Jamie Miller’s new song, ‘It Is What It Is’, tells the story of a relationship that fell apart. Miller fell head over heels for his partner and ended up losing himself in the process. As much as it hurts, he knows he has to move on, and accept that he’s better off not seeing his ex again.

In the music video for ‘It Is What It Is’, Miller and his friends are seen driving around California on a sunny day in a topless car. Miller is singing and his friends often join in to mouth along. The director knew the perfect way to showcase the song because you need to sing this at the top of your lungs with the windows down. After one repetition of the chorus you’ll be be hooked, singing along to the lyrics, “I guess it is what it is, wrong place, wrong time/ But I couldn’t resist, those nighttime white lies”. Young love is intense, and Miller does an excellent job at depicting these feelings. He describes his ex as “heaven sent” but then in the next line says, “then we drove off a cliff”. This love story is a rollercoaster that doesn’t come off as jarring, having a consistent build up and release of emotion throughout. The song creates emotional movement, but also a sense of physical movement. An upbeat tempo paired with a driving a drum beat has you nodding your head or tapping your toe the entire time. ‘It Is What It Is’ tells a story of moving on, and as we leave spring behind for warmer summer days, the song is ready to move us into the next season.

Jamie Miller is a Wales-born, Los Angeles-based, singer/songwriter. At just twenty-four years old, Miller has over four hundred million streams and is garnering worldwide praise. Miller’s most popular song ‘Here’s Your Perfect’ was the first song he ever wrote (co-written with songwriter/producer Gian Stone), and currently has over two hundred million streams on Spotify. Both ‘Here’s Your Perfect’ and ‘It Is What It Is’ are featured on Miller’s debut EP ‘Broken Memories’. Miller is currently on tour with Jesse McCartney. They have several dates across the United States from now until the middle of June. To find out more about Miller’s live shows and to listen to ‘It Is What It Is’, check out his Spotify, linked below!

Written By Maddy Mahady



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