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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "It Is What It Is" - katie MAC

Katie MAC has released a line of singles this past summer all leading up to the release of "It Is What It Is." This piece is about coming to terms with the fact that not everything is going to go the way you planned. Katie MAC believes that "when we hold so tightly to the things we love, we miss out on amazing, fun, and messy experiences. When I adopted my 'it is what it is' attitude, I felt like I truly came into myself, no matter how chaotic the process was." Through this track, Katie motivates listeners to not hold on so tightly to the outcome of situations and to just go with the flow to see what life has in store.

With such a powerful message, Katie matches this energy with the melody, lyrics, and vocals she brings to the piece. The melody has such a powerful beat that captures listeners' attention. It's so empowering, energetic, and addicting to listen to. Her vocals are just as electric, as she sings with so much passion. Katie has a very strong voice that stands out from the rest of the piece, allowing the lyrics to really be heard. Lines such as "I think it's time I throw my hands up and leave it all to God" and "I'm vibing in a stranger's car" bring the chaotic and all-trusting energy that comes with the c'est la vie lifestyle. Overall, Katie did an incredible job at creating this empowering piece to motivate listeners to not take life so seriously.

With a heavy dose of bubble-gum pop and a sprinkle of relatable pop, katie MAC fuses together your mid-western girl next door sensibilities with sharp lyricism that materialize into hook-driven songs that are infectious and edgy. Originally from Kansas, katie MAC is a new addition to the LA pop scene, whose strong vocal chops mark her music with dangerous energy as she catches the ears of both local and international listeners. Her 2019 debut album, Tears Like Glitter, earned over 500k within the first few months of its release. Her second project, Self Sabotage - with singles "No Fun" and "Till It Hurts," showcases her growth and vulnerability.

Written By Melina Darlas



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