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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "James" - Nadia Kamrath

There’s a beauty that lives in the idea of falling in love, but with the adventure of falling, we’re holding ourselves vulnerable to everything that could possibly come with it. We can dream of happy endings as much as we want to, but there’s no escaping the potential that it could end up locked away in memory. Nadia Kamrath is a story-driven individual who aims to share memories and experiences with everyone willing to listen. So, this new release titled “James” does just that—it’s an ode to a love that moved away. It’s gentle and soft, guiding the vulnerability and longing that comes with watching as someone you love has to leave.

It's a warm song that keeps you close and feels like it tells you stories in hushed whispers. “James” is a feeling of comfort in a melody created by the talented Nadia Kamrath. In the song, Kamrath talks about a love that has to leave. She sings, “your hearts set miles away/I’ll think about you, in my little room/promise me that you’ll stay”. She brings this meaning with a sparkling feeling that attempts to wrap you up in delicate words and a creative realm of imagery. It’s a track filled with longing for someone else, wishing that circumstances were different so she could still enjoy being with him.

Nadia Kamrath is an indie-pop singer/songwriter with a penchant for enamoring people’s minds with her vulnerable and soft music. Her sound is honed into this genre, melding with her uniquely dreamy hook and melodies that tell stories of her experiences and interpretations of love. This song, “James” is the last song to be released with her debut EP titled “Confessions”, an album that is just like the title—softly spoken confessions from her life to sharing with her listeners. All of Kamrath’s music is honest, a reflection of her personality and life, with her musical appearance inspired by artists such as Florence and The Machine, Indigo De Souza, and Radiohead.

Written by Jane Katryn



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