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  • Dan Caddigan

Review: "January" - Ava Valianti

Ava Valianti pours her heart on her latest single, January – describing the song as being about "loving someone from afar, knowing that the person they are with is a better fit than you are". This track pulls at your heartstrings with lines like "My January Blues are running wild, I need to find a place so I can cry" that will surely have listeners fully singing along as Valianti's raw emotion bleeds through in every relatable lyric. The songstress eloquently explains her thought process as being "The hurt is still there and the feelings don't go away, but you know as hard as you might try, you're not what they need". A tip of the cap to Ava for crafting a heartbreak song centered on seasonal depression and named after a winter month, then dropping it in June and celebrating its release with a fun summertime evening event – the artistic parallels have not gone unappreciated. Ultimately, this song depicts how impactful memories become as life moves on, and "the feeling of being tethered to the past and what could have been".

January should resonate with audiences thanks to its hauntingly intoxicating melodies and Ava Valianti's equally enamoring vocals. A folksy acoustic guitar paired perfectly with the siren-like delivery of Ava's emotionally charged lyrics works to transport audience members from the warmth of June and into the frigidity of January. An uptick in tempo serves to artfully match Ava's increase in emotion as she sings about her romantic interest being with another woman. All in all, the production level within January is impressively high and makes this song for a must listen for all true fans of indie pop out there.

Originally hailing from Newbury, Massachusetts, Ava Valianti is an indie pop singer-songwriter whose sound and style have drawn her comparisons to Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, Renee Rap, and Gracie Abrams. Valianti's music has already taken her local airwaves by storm – with her songs having appeared on WXRV The River 92.5's Homegrown Music Showcase and WATD 95.9's Almost Famous Showcase. Ava's first two singles, bubble wrap and Middle Ground, both received critical acclaim and exposure from Indie Boulevard, A&R Factory, Clout, and RGM. She is currently working in the studio with Chris Plante, of CP Audio, in anticipation of the upcoming release of her EP, which is due out in late summer/early fall of 2024. Following the release of January, the young starlet will now set off for a series of performances across the North Shore of Massachusetts; before culminating with her event January in June – An Evening of Music with Ava Valianti at The Players' Ring in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on June 18th at 7 pm.

Written By Dan Caddigan



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