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  • Maddy Mahady

Review: "Just Enough Whiskey (Late Night Mix)" - Nightshift

Whiskey can be your best friend and worst nightmare. A glass or two can have you feeling loose and at ease. By the end of the night, that last glass can be your enemy. ‘Just Enough Whiskey (Late Night Mix)’ is what happens when the alcohol turns evil. During the day, that ex you can’t stop thinking about has taken over your thoughts. The urge to text them and beg for forgiveness becomes almost overpowering. Drinking to forget isn’t healthy, but it feels like the only option. “Going home with just enough whiskey/ making me forget that maybe you miss me.” The drinking does the trick and helps to silence the thoughts. By the end of the night, it’s easier to crawl into bed and leave that ex on read.

Compared to the original version of ‘Just Enough Whiskey’, Nightshift takes on a more country approach with the ‘Late Night Mix’. In the original mix, the tempo is upbeat and aided by electronic pop beats . ‘Late Night Mix’ replaces the electronic beats with an acoustic guitar, creating a much more raw and anguished feel, slowing down the tempo. Even though the two songs are technically the same, the emotion of each is drastically different. The original mix has Nightshift reminiscing about their relationship with rose colored glasses. Although the relationship didn’t work out, they know that they need to move on, and are okay with that. The ‘Late Night Mix’ has the duo much more depressed about their relationship. They know they have to move on, but they struggle a lot more with this realization compared to the original mix. When comparing each version of the song I found myself impressed with Nightshift. Although each mix is lyrically the same, they’re so vastly different in feel that it’s surprising one is just a remix of the other and not its own original work. While some remixes feel like they don’t bring anything new to an established song, ‘Just Enough Whiskey (Late Night Mix)’ does an excellent job of standing on its own.

Brothers Dan and Steve Kennelly bring their own sound to the indie-pop genre. ‘Just Enough Whiskey (Late Night Mix)’ is different their other works, yet seamlessly fits into the rest of their music catalogue. Their Spotify page is filled with original singles and covers. One of their covers is Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Good 4 u’. The duo infuse their own sound into their covers, making the songs unique in their production. Both versions of ‘Just Enough Whiskey’ are available to stream on Spotify!

Written By Maddy Mahady



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