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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Just Friends" - Wild Fire

Photo Credits: Cassi Moon Photography

While a no-strings-attached relationship can be fun and exciting, it can become a little tricky when the other person wants something more serious. Why should the situation change if everyone is having fun, right? Sometimes, staying just friends and nothing more is all you want, and that’s okay! Wild Fire’s latest single “Just Friends” is the perfect track to send to that special someone who you’ve been having fun with if you want them to slow down. The song is spunky and perfect for screaming at the top of your lungs. It’s a song that makes you feel young and remember how life is too short to move too fast. While society sometimes makes women feel bad about not wanting a serious committed relationship, the song serves as a reminder that we have control over what we want and who we want, so why should we feel bad? So, if you want to have fun with a song that allows you to be free about what you want, “Just Friends” is the right track for you.

The song jumps right in with an image of being young and sneaking out to meet someone. This spontaneous fling the song focuses on serves as a reminder of the joy of youth and staying in the moment, instead of having to worry about the future. In terms of instruments for the verse, they remain simple, but there’s a nice guitar riff that comes in quietly during the second half of the verse, and it adds some nice ambiance to the song. The pre-chorus of the song brings in some drums into the mix that really wake the song up. The vocal performance during this part of the song also becomes much more exciting. Lyrically, this section of the song focuses more on how the secretive aspect of the relationship is what makes it so insatiable. The chorus comes in big with an addictive melody and danceable instrumentals. The chorus makes you want to get up and sing along to the song, and it's where the song truly shines. The second verse keeps this energy and helps build into the second chorus. Songs that are able to build up like this always create such a spectacular feeling for their listeners. The bridge of the song feels a little heavier as the lyrics sort of punch the listeners hard in a nice way. This section really gets you headbanging along. The song ends with a nice little instrumental and we are left with a new anthem.

Wild Fire consists of the sibling duo Kelli and Kayla Lutzwig from Houston, Texas. The sisters have been performing together since childhood; however, they’ve been performing as a professional duo since 2016. Their style revolves around that addictive pop-rock sound, while also combining some elements of country. They’ve wowed audiences many times in multiple well-known locations in Houston, such as the Houston Rodeo and White Oak Music Hall. Along with that, Wild Fire has gained quite an amount of success online, having over 250,000 followers across their social media, and doing well on Spotify too. The duo is expected to release more music this year, including a brand-new album. Wild Fire is definitely a duo you want to look out for in the near future.

Written By Chantal Charles



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