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  • Fatimah Bouri

Review: "Just Keep Dancing" - Son Savage

Sometimes, we all need to just get up and dance around to let go of detrimental blues and persistent worries. It's no wonder dancing is constantly listed as a regiment when it comes to self-care routines; it's proven to be effective and lift one's spirit! Son Savage's "Just Keep Dancing" is just that: a regimental summer banger that promotes getting down and busting a move! Not only is this track infectious, but it also highlights positivity through anthemic lyrics.

This anthemic track is imbued with infectious 80s elements from sizzling synthesizers to robotic background vocals. In a word, it's almost intergalactic and has the incredible potency to transport the listener into a groove-infused universe. Much of the lyricism focuses on being an intimately groovy space with a special someone. The chorus swells tremendously as Son Savage croons, "Forget the world with me and just keep dancing." It's a summery, shimmering tune that could easily fit on any dance-pop playlist.

Lebanese Dubai-based Son Savage spent most of his life working in the corporate world before deciding to set his heart on music after the August 4 Beirut Blast which destroyed his hometown. Since that travesty, he found comfort in music and began pursuing a music career. Much of his music centers on dance-pop and infectious electronica, developing his own eccentric style. His 2021 debut album "Folie À Deux" was his tremendous debut into the music realm, embracing dance-pop elements and discussing themes of love and madness.

Written By Fatimah Bouri



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