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  • Mia Chavez

Review: "Kissing Undercover" - Ladybyrd

Ladybyrd Kissing Undercover Cover Art

Cinematic and mature, Ladybyrds latest single “Kissing Undercover” is an indie and soft rock blend of soothing harmonies and bass. Ladybyrds new single flows dreamily along cool rock beats and moving melodies. Her song explores the theme of a secret romance, hidden from the world but yearning to be brought into the light. The track illustrates how she feels pulled back and forth by her emotions, ultimately leading her to the decision to end the relationship. She laments over the relationship's unneeded complicatedness, the wish for something natural and loving. “Why can't it be easy, just like in the movies,” she writes. Titled “Kissing Undercover,” Ladybyrd feels as though she is being buried under all the lies she has had to tell to keep the relationship. The first verse denotes a fear of losing the relationship, however as the song plays out, Ladybyrd makes the final decision and cuts ties. “I tell you our two worlds will never align” she marks and continues “I pulled out the rug from under you.”

“Kissing Undercover” sets the stage for a show that is doomed to end as Ladybyrd is found on a lonely stage in her music video, wrapped in an elegant dress. Despite the pressing lyrics, Ladybyrd's voice Is clean and smooth, dreamy and lovely as if she truly is an actress ready to perform on stage. Her light voice feathers above moving beats and cascades across the highs and lows of each verse, falling satisfyingly between charming and melodious within the soft rock sound. Between verses, her voice echoes and layers over one another, merging to create a heavenly and spacey sound. It feels as though we are lost turning round and round in Ladybyrds own head, pulled to and fro by warring thoughts. She repeats the chorus line multiple times in the bridge, creating a deliberating effect as if she is trying to make a decision. Introspective and bold, “Kissing Undercover” presents itself as an edgy and cinematic creation that beautifully captures the essence of Ladybyrd and her musical style.

“Kissing Undercover” is Ladybyrd's third single from her upcoming debut album. With reflective lyrics and a unique soundscape, she has often been compared to artists like Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift. Ladybyrd has transitioned from Buckinghamshire to London while pursuing her music career. Her passion for film scores can be seen as strongly influencing her songwriting. Along the way, she has encountered actors such as Tom Cruise which landed her a collaboration with the Mission Impossible composer on vocals for an approaching TV series. She has also met several film composers while in LA like Harry Gregson-Williams (Shrek, Narnia, X-Men, Chicken Run). Her recent singles have gathered an impressive amount of listeners with “Open Cage” reaching 80,000 streams on Spotify and “Way Back Home” with 72,000 streams. With cinematic dazzle and heartfelt lyrics, “Kissing Undercover” showcases Ladybyrds evolution from a young talented artist to a rising star. Check out her new single below!

Written By Mia Chavez


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