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  • Willow Gray

Review: "Klepto" - Leah Mason

“Klepto” explores the deterioration of a friendship after inspiration grows into obsession. At first, you only occasionally notice strange things about your friend. The new shirt you wear suddenly becomes a staple in her closet. Your unique blonde hair is soon reflected in her own hair. Her unusual actions begin to overshadow your individuality and interests as she adopts every aspect of you. As she picks and chooses elements of your life to take, you wonder if it’s a desire she cannot help. You could once attribute her behavior to admiration, but it now directly reflects a more serious issue. You distance yourself from her as your discomfort grows. Hopefully one day, her kleptomania towards your life and identity diminishes.

“Klepto” is a commercial pop rock anthem that utilizes sharp and unique instrumental differences between each section. The single begins with an almost distant glimpse into the chorus, immediately introducing a brief calling out of the described klepto. This introduction has a muted and echoey ambience that quickly transitions into the first verse. The ambience of the instrumentals are suddenly dropped for the more simple and vocal-focused melody. The instrumentation present in the beginning is not re-introduced until the chorus and continues throughout the single. There are various instances throughout where the instrumentation ramps up quickly and dissipates. These moments offer a unique experience of differing tones.

Leah Mason is a singer-songwriter from North Carolina and currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. Growing up in a musical family, she has always been fascinated with music and pursued it on her own. One of her earliest escapades into music was a 70s rock band with her brother from ages 10-13, performing songs from groups such as Led Zeppelin. She studied at Berklee and received a degree in song-writing from Belmont University. While writing songs, she primarily takes inspiration from her own life experiences and people around her. She is currently writing her first album following her 2023 EP release. Make sure to follow her on social media and give “Klepto” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray



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