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Review: "Knives" - CONNR

Relationships: “connecting or binding participants in a relationship, such as a kinship." A specific instance or type of kinship, "a state of affairs existing between those having relations or dealings," are the bonds that hold people close, especially in a romantic relationship. Relationships have many positive aspects, but they also have some negative aspects. Connr’s new single Knives” shows perfect examples of a toxic relationship. Knives is a mix of different genres, including pop and trap. This catchy beat and the soothing vocals, combined with the powerful lyrics, make the impact of the song hit harder. The song is about how CONNR's partner made them feel insignificant and how instead of holding on to positive memories, she can only think about the bad ones he made her feel. “I have every detail sketched inside my brain; I will make you remember my name.” This line can be interpreted as her remembering everything he has done to Illher and not letting him forget what he has done. Overall, I highly recommend this song to anyone who has gone through what CONNR experienced.

There is no doubt the time, love, and care in this song can be heard. The mix of knives utilizing the piano with simple progression, synths, and trap pulls this song together wonderfully. The meaning of the lyrics shows and lets you feel the raw emotion CONNR experienced. Her vocals are magnificent, clear, and crisp. The perfect mix of reverb and panning helps give the song some depth. My favorite part of the song is that powerful belt, which shows raw emotion. This is one of my favorite songs that I’ve heard this year, and I'll be listening to it on a loop.

CONNR is an artist currently based in Alabama but is originally from Tennessee. She's been writing songs since the age of 14. Her love for music led her to the University of New Orleans. After interning at the World-Renowned Fame Recording Studios in 2017, CONNR really began to discover who she is as an artists. She released her debut single, 'Catastrophe' in 2019. Her debut EP, 'Who Are You', is currently in the works - 'Knives' being the 3rd single to come out of the project. CONNR is an amazing artist who will be taking over any stage she walks on. I highly recommend you check her out on her socials and give her a follow! These memories of this song will always be a banger.

Written By ShatteredSoul



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