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  • Emylee Herring

Review: "Late Bloomer" - EMME

Late Bloomer is a new indie pop single released by EMME. The hook is incredibly catchy, and the beat of the song gives you the feeling to clap and sing along. This song is upbeat with a balanced duality between feeling behind and accepting the timing of her individual journey. Late Bloomer talks about the universal feeling that you are at the heels of life because others around you are hitting milestones you haven’t hit yet. With social media, we constantly watch the lives of people we know as well as people we don’t. It’s so common to find ourselves observing and wondering why we aren’t at the same point of our lives as others. She does provide a positive outcome to the song letting us know it’s okay and things happen as they are meant to.

In EMME’s song, there is a line that says “Jealous of all my friends who got married first, while my fears that I’m stuck moving in reverse.” This perfectly captures the idea of us seeing someones successes and questioning if we’re behind. Despite the underlying message portraying the defeatist emotions, there’s an empowering spin. There’s another point of view from EMME where she accepts that she might feel delayed because that was the right timing for her. The chorus ends on the line “I’m just getting started, it’s hard, but let’s see where it goes.” We are on our own paths in life and while others may be moving on a faster one, it doesn’t mean we are behind. We are just taking it one step at a time and soaking in the views along the way to our final destination. Like EMME says before we hear the chorus a second time, “Doesn’t matter if I show up last to the party, it wasn’t a mistake.”

EMME is a singer-songwriter in the pop genre who tells her stories through her lyrics. She spent the beginning years of her career writing for other artists, but now she is on the road to building her own career as an artist. EMME is working in depth on her own solo artist project. Her music has influences of pop, rock and folk with that indie style. She may consider herself to be a “Late Bloomer” but with the talent she has presented there is no doubt she will continue to have a successful career as an artist. Check out EMME on all her social media platforms below. If you like Late Bloomer you are sure to like her other music and the music she plans to release in the future.

Written By Emylee Herring



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