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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "laying in my bed with my best friend" - Carlay

Carlay’s “laying in my bed with my best friend” is a reflective ballad about how a friendship can change for worse when its dynamic goes from platonic to romantic. When a friendship becomes romantic, it can be good. There is no awkward first date or “getting to know each other” phase. However, there is a new level to the existing relationship. It is easy to go from friends to lovers. However, it not as smooth going from lovers back to friends. There has been change in the relationship that you can’t undo. Carlay’s song is an emotional rollercoaster as she handles the changes in her friendship.

Carlay waits until the bridge of the song to give the listener a backstory to her newfound romantic feelings. Carlay sings, “get too silly with the liquor and the fun.” In the chorus, she offers up an after effect to that situation by calling herself an “ex-friend.” After that lyric, Carlay asks the question, “why do people change?” Even though the story is not in order, we can piece together a case of one-sided feelings and a damaged friendship. You can tell by the sadness in her voice that this relationship meant a lot to her. The story does not come to a resolution, but I hope she was able to repair her friendship.

Carlay is a songwriter/producer from Canada. In her Spotify bio, she calls herself a “big time crybaby.” If you need more heartbreak jams, you should check out her other song, “lose somebody” The track is about losing yourself during a breakup. The song has less electronic instrumentation than “laying in my bed with my best friend.” Therefore, you get the chance to hear a lot more emotion in her voice.

Written By Kelli Dixon



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