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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "Life at First Sight" - Alexander Stewart

Life at First Sight by Alexander Stewart cover art

Alexander Stewart is here with his brand new single, “Life at First Sight”! The song, written as a surprise for his sister’s wedding, is a heartfelt love song about an enlightening, fulfilling relationship. He sets the stage for the song in the first verse, explaining that he “never thought [he’d] have a reason to put somebody else first.” He was lost in the world until he found his love, and soon enough, he had found his missing piece. In the chorus, he is embracing his lover to bring his life to life. Alexander is grateful to be by his lover’s side everyday, and he looks forward to growing old together. Now, they’re dancing in the kitchen, leaving the dirty dishes for later, and living their life in the moment. He knows they’ll reminisce on this time “when there’s lines on [their] skin”, but will always have that spark between them. 

“Life at First Sight” is a beautifully emotional and vulnerable love song that deviates from Alexander’s normal sound. Much of his previous are devastating recounts of the heartbreak and difficult times he’s experienced in his life, while this song is an sentimental and heartfelt take on love. The instrumentation is raw and organic, just featuring his vocals and an acoustic guitar for a good portion of the song. In the second verse, a delicate drum beat is added to reinforce that slow dance feeling. His vocals are smooth and emotional-filled, and they effortlessly highlight the high points of the song. This song doesn’t have a complex production, but it doesn’t need to - the lyrics speak for themselves. 

Alexander Stewart is a singer-songwriter taking the LA music scene by storm. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Alexander has over 300 million streams under his belt. He first went viral posting covers on YouTube, most notably “Havana” by Camilla Cabello, and his first single “Enamorado” was released soon after in 2018. Although many of his songs have gone viral on the internet, his song “i wish you cheated” is by far his most popular song. With over 25 million streams on Spotify alone, this track landed him his debut late night show performance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. Following that, the track became a Top 20 radio hit and broke through Billboard’s Hot 100 chart in Canada. He released his second album, “bleeding heart”, in May 2024, which already has multiple songs with millions of streams on Spotify. Even more impressively, Alexander was just named by Spotify as one of the top rising pop artists you need to look out for in 2024. He also just wrapped up The Bleeding Hearts Tour, which had 31 shows across the US, Canada, and Europe. It’s clear from his impressive track record that Alexander will continue to reach new heights in his music career.

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni



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