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  • Julia Hooper

Review: "life of the party" - Holly Hebe

Sometimes a crowded party can feel like the loneliest place in the world. Laughter, music and dancing surround you, but you can’t help but feel out of place. Holly Hebe captures this familiar feeling in her new single, ‘life of the party’. The song holds an upbeat, dreamy rhythm, despite being comprised of emotional undertones and hard-hitting lyrics. This composition of bubbly instrumentation contrasted by heavy lyricism almost reflects the genuine “party” experience where expectations never seem to become reality. Holly illustrates the drawbacks of the true party lifestyle by presenting honest lyrics such as, “getting ready for the crowds to come, make a mess, then leave”. The single offers listeners a taste of emotion and confrontation with reality, while maintaining a groovy beat that makes you want to dance around your bedroom.

Holly Hebe’s new single, ‘life of the party’ blends the modern indie-dream-pop sound with notes of early 2000’s punk rock. Holly’s delicate soprano voice gives the song an ethereal vibe that beautifully balances out the guitar and drum instrumentation. The inclusion of synths and distorted vocals provide a unique, electronic and futuristic sound. The single’s catchy chorus features Holly’s alluring voice, accompanied by an electric and bouncy percussion. Holly’s passionate lyrics take this song from a fun bop to a form of personal and creative storytelling. ‘life of the party’ is the lead single off Holly Hebe’s upcoming debut EP, ‘Party Mix’. According to Holly, audiences will get to hear more raw emotion in two of the EP’s songs, ‘Edith Street’ and ‘hardpilltoswallow’.

The Melbourne based singer, songwriter and producer; Holly Hebe is a growing star in the indie-pop genre. Holly started playing piano around four-years-old and her love for the instrument has acted as a foundation for her music career. Her 2021 single, ‘nothing hurts I promise’ has amassed over 178,000 streams on Spotify, the streaming service where she has gained over 6k monthly listeners. Holly collaborated with Ivoris and Zhuli, two talented pop musicians, on the 2022 single, ‘Supervillain’ which has generated over 16k streams. Her 2022 single, ‘Plastic Chairs’ has gained over 12.8k streams on Spotify and its music video was featured on MTV Australia and ABC Rage. Holly’s whimsical vocals and knack for songwriting and music production has established her as a rising artist to watch as she releases more content. Lucky for us, Holly Hebe’s upcoming debut EP, ‘Party Mix’ is set to launch on November 24th on all streaming platforms.

Written By Julia Hooper



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