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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "Life to Live" - Aisha Badru

This song, “Life to Live” by Aisha Badru, is a song all about living your life on your own terms. Coaxing you to “run off the beaten path” and “close your eyes, fantasize, focus,” Badru tells you through her lyrics that you should think about what you want out of life and not be so afraid to go after it. You should embrace self-discovery and learn about what makes you who you are without the pressure of all of society’s expectations. Everyone’s felt like this before, in some form or fashion, and everyone could use the message of this song. It’s okay to take life slowly and to make mistakes and to grow, as long as you’re living your life as authentically as you can.

“Life to Live” is a soothing, indie-pop song that utilizes a soft, rhythmic melody paired with relaxing vocals to draw the listener in and share the message Aisha Badru is trying to convey. Starting off simply, with the strum of the guitar, you’re eased into the song gently, especially when Badru’s beautiful voice chimes in to start the first verse. Backing vocals provide a layer of depth to the melody, which is made more complex when the chorus hits and the pace is picked up to provide some variety and increase the excitement. The second verse tones it down again before reaching a peak in tension with the second chorus and then smoothing out to a slow finish. Overall, this song is perfect for so many different occasions and for so many different feelings. Whether you are chilling out by yourself, or whether you’re relaxing with friends, this song is such a perfect combination of soothing yet powerful. It’s one of those songs that you’ll immediately want to hit repeat on, and I know I’m already ready to hear it again!

Aisha Badru is a Nigerian American singer whose earthy voice and ethereal, meaningful lyrics have garnered her hundreds of thousands of loyal fans, constantly waiting for her next song to drop. Her strengths lie in her ability to take the complicated emotions of life and distill them down into something easily tangible and vivid to her listeners. Her most recent full length work is the EP Learning to Love Again, which was released June 2 of 2023. She released her debut album, Pendulum, in 2018, and this newest song marks the start of the journey toward her second full length album, hopefully coming soon. Use the links below to listen to more of her music and to follow along in her very promising, exciting career!

Written By Morgan Fischer

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