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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "Like I Do" - Tilsen

There’s Proverb that goes, “be not deceived with the first appearance of things, for show is not substance. I think Tilsen would not agree more with this quote. In her song, “Like I Do,” she reflects upon how her romantic partner is seemingly perfect to the outside. However, behind closed doors, things could not be more different. In reality, her knight in shining armor treats her horribly. I would argue that Tilsen was probably afraid to speak up because she feared being called a liar. In singing “Like I Do,” Tilsen is using music as an outlet to face her fears.

I liked the progression of the song. Tilsen seems to perfectly illustrate the unfolding of her ex-lover’s personality. In the first verse, she talks about the good side of his personality. Tilsen recalls the times when he would bring her flowers after a hard day at work. When it gets to the chorus, Tilsen sings, “everybody knows you, but they don’t know you, not like I do. In the next verses, she transitions to talking about the darker sides of her ex’s personality. In fact, the first line of the second verse is “Close the door and you’re a different person.” Going back to the chorus, Tilsen brings up a valuable point that is not mentioned in the Proverb. That is, all the things you hide in the dark will eventually come to light.

Tilsen was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. She was the daughter of an opera singer which fostered a deep fondness for the human voice. “Like I Do” is a song off of her second EP, Little Worse. If you want to hear another side of her, “Forever, For Now” is another song in that collection. While “Like I Do” is reflecting on old love, “Forever, For Now” is bursting with the happiness of new love.

Written By Kelli Dixon



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