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  • Casey Hascup

Review: "Limits" - Erin Bloomer (feat. Birdee 王煒)

Limits by Erin Bloomer Cover Art

British Electro-pop star Erin Bloomer has just released her first single of the year with “Limits" (feat. Birdee 王煒). This track covers a lot of bases, from learning about others' intentions to less than ideal relationship epiphanies. Erin had this to say about the content within the song, “We’re keeping it fun and upbeat, but if someone’s taking advantage of you, it’s all about sticking to your boundaries and setting limits. Stay strong, be resilient, and always believe in yourself.” Yeah, she means business. With co-written lyrics such as, “Woman’s intuition tells me that you’re bad news,” and “Picking up the pattern I’m no longer confused” the track heavily focuses on someone who has gained clarity or understanding in a current or former relationship. The emotional depth of “Limits” is a complete contrast to its exciting pulsating dance beat, so not only will you be able to relate to this song, but you’ll be dancing to it as well!

If I had to pin down the mood of this song, it would be electrifying. The fast tempo of “Limits” makes it an excellent (and easy) choice to dance to. The track’s upbeat, EDM style beat paired with its gut-punching lyrics will definitely get your heart rate up, and if you don’t believe me, take a listen for yourself. Both Erin and Birdee’s vocals sound powerful yet simultaneously intimate. I believe this juxtaposition of qualities is one of the most unique and compelling features of the collaboration. Production-wise, the texture of their voices enhances the melodic qualities of the track; it’s almost as if their vocals begin to blend with the musical instruments. Collectively, “Limits” is immersive and memorable; and it’s destined to be a summer dance hit.

Erin Bloomer makes a triumphant return with her latest single entitled, “Limits,” now available everywhere! Hailing from the UK, Erin is a breakout talent who has earned a name for herself through social media and breathtaking live performances. Her 2021 candid breakup anthem, “F U & F Her Too” went viral on Tiktok (where she has now accumulated nearly 70k followers).  Speaking of large audiences, Erin also boasts over 181k monthly listeners on Spotify, thanks to her catchy music and ability to resonate with people all around the globe. Erin’s vibrant energy shines more than ever through this electro-pop dance track. This song also features rising Australian indie-pop star Birdee

王煒 who wrote and sang the second verse of “Limits.” Birdee 王煒 is known for her high energy performances and unique stage presence in addition to some of her biggest hits, “See You, See Me” and “Faded Friends.” If you adore “Limits” and can’t wait to hear more from Erin Bloomer and Birdee 王煒, make sure to follow them on all social media listed below!

Written By Casey Hascup




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