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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Little Bit Better (feat. ROSIE)" - Caleb Hearn

“Little Bit Better” becomes just that after each listen.  Caleb Hearn offers this piece as an uplifting ballad without neglecting the existence of hard times.  It’s a love song, simple and pure and focused on reflecting the beauty of that.  Displaying how someone improving your life even slightly earns them adornment.  Having hard times, independently or due to issues in the relationship, with someone you love is always easier than alone.  As it seems to be in this case, these difficult periods may even strengthen the affection already present.  Hearn expresses a life unknowingly lived in black and white until this person came into it.  Maybe she can’t erase problems, but she can make dealing with them an act of love instead of struggle.  

The song begins with a chorus of singing, implying the themes of community and support found in the lyrics, over a peaceful strumming of acoustic guitar.  Caleb introduces his love with the story of it, stating “I met somebody” first.  Even though he speaks of her in the third person, the intimacy with which he sings and the honesty of his words make it feel as if he’s singing to her.  His voice is warm, down to earth, making the song that much more meditative.  His description of all her incredible qualities leads into the chorus, “Even when it’s hard with you, it’s a little bit, little bit better”  which is sung by both ROSIE and Hearn.  ROSIE’s feature follows this, singing from her perspective with the same story and emotions involved in it.  The piece ends as both come together for another rendition of the touching chorus.  

Caleb Hearn grew up in the small town of Mount Airy, NC.  He was surrounded by their population of 10k until 2020 when Tiktok offered him a much, much larger audience.  One of his early releases “Always Be” caught the ear of the platform's listeners quickly and his followers there, as well as his listeners on Spotify, skyrocketed overnight.  He was noticed first and praised still for the incredible intimacy and truthfulness he offers in each new single, each feeling more personal than the last and offering a look into who he is.  Rather than being a disconnected creator, Caleb Hearn pours himself into his work.  Get to know him by following him below or streaming simply one of his songs.  

Written By Hailey Schap



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