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  • Emylee Herring

Review: "Little Closer" - Josh Galiano

Josh Galiano, an uprising artist in the pop music scene, has come out with his latest single release, "Little Closer." Despite being a fresh addition to his discography, Galiano has released quite a few incredible singles. In this song, Galiano explores the themes of connection and intimacy, expressing a desire to break the emotional distance with a someone he is interested with. With his storytelling lyrics and catchy melodies, he shares his longing to mend someones relationship with love by loving them in a way they never felt. Galiano's gift for crafting deeply personal narratives makes his music engaging and relatable, inviting listeners to get a peak in his introspective thoughts.

Josh’s lyrics in “Little Closer” convey a sense of longing and desire, expressing his hope to connect with his love interest. The repetition of the phrase "So high" emphasizes the feeling of being with this person, suggesting that their presence elevates the his emotions to new heights. The imagery of stars and feeling their breath creates an intimate atmosphere, symbolizing closeness and vulnerability. Josh’s repetition of assurance that he can heal the wounds of past heartbreaks really portrays his commitment and willingness to heal open wounds so he can make love feel safe for this person. The mention of being the "key to open it up" shows that he sees himself as the remedy to emotional barriers. Overall, the lyrics convey a message of love, devotion, and desire to share a deep connection.

Josh Galiano is incredibly talented and proves that with every song he releases. “Little Closer” makes you want to get up and dance with its edgy guitar lines, adventurous beat and seamless harmonies. This song makes you want to envelope yourself in the feeling of falling for someone. There is no doubt in my mind Josh will continue to work his way up and immerse himself in the pop community. Check out his other releases on Spotify, if you loved “Little Closer” then you won’t be disappointed. Get a little closer to Josh and check out all of social media links down below to follow his journey as an artist. He shares his talent through social media so go support his work.

Written By Emylee Herring



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