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  • Maddy Mahady

Review: "Lonely Girl" - Mia Vaile

Have you ever felt like you don’t know yourself? One day you can confidently say ‘this is me’, and then something happens. Suddenly, you’re second guessing who you are. These emotions are hard to deal with, especially if you find that the person you are isn’t the real you, but what others except you to be. Then, you have to ask yourself ‘who is the real me’. This experience can leave you lonely and confused, something Mia Vaile captures in her new song ‘Lonely Girl’.

There’s an almost mystical feeling from the opening guitar riff that starts ‘Lonely Girl’. Your attention is piqued from just the intro, then the lyrics come in. “Think I’ve been missing a part of me.” If your attention wasn’t fully captured by the intro, these opening lyrics are enough to make you want to know more. Why is Vaile feeling this way? Was she able to find herself? These are just two of the questions I wanted to find answers to by the end of ‘Lonely Girl’. What I loved about the song is that you only get sorta-answers. Vaile had something happen to her, but it’s up to the listener to interpret what. By the end, Vaile is still on the search for who she is. The purposeful vagueness makes this song versatile and universally relatable. Any listener who is going through something similar can interject their own experiences into the areas that Vaile leaves open. Personally, I loved that Vaile doesn’t find answers at the end of the song. Finding out who you are is a never-ending journey. By ending the song without a concrete ‘this is who I am’, Vaile is telling listeners that it’s okay to still be figuring things out. A fun and relatable track, ‘Lonely Girl’ is definitely worth a listen.

Singer-songwriter Mia Vaile started her career as the lead singer and songwriter for the group, Veorra. When the group broke up, Vaile went on her own as a solo artist. Focusing on relatable lyrics and electo-pop beats, Vaile infuses a bit on her own life into each of her songs. Her personal approach to music has reaped incredible results. Vaile has millions of streams on just her Spotify alone. ‘Lonely Girl’ is the first track off her newest EP, ‘Loner’. The third track on the EP, ‘American Dream’, already has over two million streams and that number keeps on growing. Check our ‘Lonely Girl’ and the rest of the ‘Loner’ EP on Spotify!

Written By Maddy Mahady



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