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  • Casey Hascup

Review: "Look Who's Laughing Now" - Benjamin Ingrosso

Benjamin Ingrosso Look Who's Laughing Now Cover Art

Benjamin Ingrosso’s brand new single, “Look Who’s Laughing Now” is an acknowledgement that every stumble is part of the journey. The Swedish singer is candid and true to himself in this upbeat and theatrical dance hit. In it’s opening chorus, the track’s lyrics include some words to live by, “I can't dance, but I'm dancing with a model/ I might have messed up, but I never had a doubt” Here, Benjamin seems to be urging us to live boldly and without letting fear dictate the decisions we make. It's all encompassing theme of "seizing the moment" makes this song as motivating as it is enjoyable. Perhaps we can all relate to the unpredictability of life, and as fun as “Look Who’s Laughing Now” is, it certainly incorporates some great wisdom. If this song could talk, it would tell you to turn up the volume, let go of any worries, and dance like nobody's watching!

The style and structure of “Look Who’s Laughing Now” in one word; invigorating. The pop flavors of the track infused with its theatrical flair makes every verse feel larger than life. The tempo is vibrant and upbeat; it almost feels celebratory in tone. The guitar provides a strong foundation while the harmonies, expertly layered, add depth and texture to the chorus. From its crisp percussion to exciting guitar riffs, the production on this song is wonderfully done. Ingrosso’s vocals are equally as impressive and unique, and you’ll certainly gain a renewed sense of motivation and courage after listening to these powerful lyrics.

Benjamin Ingrosso hails from a musical family from Danderyd, Sweden. His mother is well-known singer Pernilla Wahlgren while his father Emilio Ingrosso is a former dancer. As a result, he has been singing for most of his life and acting in several musicals from as early as 2008. Notably, Benjamin also participated in 2018’s Eurovision, where he performed a song entitled, “Dance you off.” After Eurovision, his singing talents as well as his songwriting skills have allowed for his albums to perform well on the charts in Sweden. Now at 26 years old, Benjamin Ingrosso has embraced the Pop and Electro-pop genre. He has amassed a staggering 6.6 million monthly Spotify listeners as well as nearly 800k Instagram followers. If you’d like to see more of Benjamin Ingrosso, you’ll want to follow him on all the social media listed below! Also, be sure to check out the incredibly well done comic-book inspired music video for “Look Who’s Laughing Now,” out now!

Written By Casey Hascup



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