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  • Aaron Soltis

Review: "Lose My Mind" - Liedah

Akin to the music of Bruno Mars and other famous pop/funk artists, Liedah’s single “Lose My Mind” is a joyride worth jamming to. A driving beat with a thumping bass and memorable lyrics, “Lose My Mind” manages to turn a story of love and sorrow into an exciting and thrilling roller coaster. The line “I am gonna lose my mind if you say, ‘No’” is perfectly complemented by “baby, you got me good” as it shows the internal turmoil felt over this mysterious person. Despite sounding depressed, the lyrics actually inspire a sense of hope: the ability to love someone so wholeheartedly is something special and should be celebrated; a mood which Liedah captures beautifully.

Featuring a variety of instruments including synths, 808 electronic beats, vocals, and more, the line up of this song is crafty to say the least. The song opens with a groovy bass and the lead vocal, using the effective idea of simplicity and slowly building on it as the song progresses. The chorus really shines through, presenting a hummable melody from a fantastic voice and a variety of interesting countermelodies panned to the sides. I was impressed with the mix of this song; the kick is present and isn’t drowned out by the bass, the vocals have some AMAZING layering, and the switch between synths/electronic instruments to real instruments feels natural and purposeful.

Hailing from Bergen, Norway, Liedah is a recent addition to the pop/funk genre. Her energetic music will get you up on your feet in no time and have you dancing all night long. Using a blend of R&B, funk, soul, and pop, Liedah’s two singles “Heaven” and “Lose My Mind” are a promising outlook of the year. You can find her latest music on Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, and Tidal. You can also visit her website, Instagram, or Facebook for the latest information on new releases or exciting news. This is a promising new artist with a bright future and she’s only hitting the gas! After all, as quoted on Liedah’s website, all through 2022 “singles will be dropping like a waterfall” so make sure to give this artist a listen!

Written By Aaron Soltis



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