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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "Love Don't Let Me Down" - Essy

"Love Don't Let Me Down" is an alt-pop hit about finding love in the digital age. Often times in today's society, we rely on social media as a means to find everything. We care so much about our social image and we've now resorted to technology to find love. Popular apps like Tinder and Hinge have risen to popularity and now everyone is constantly obsessed with swiping on matches and trying to find dates. Essy's newest single depicts the struggle we have by falling into a loop of going out and living the same day to day life. Hoping to find someone to love becomes exhausting and we tend to get burnt out and hopeless.

On first listen, "Love Don't Let Me Down" gives off a very soul and country vibe. The Nashville born singer's roots are very prominent in the melodic lines. While there's very heavy synth and other common pop elements, the more country like lines find there place in this alt jam. I really enjoyed this combination of musical instrumentation, I felt like the overall feel was very free and unique. My favorite lyrics from this song were "I still go out till 6 in the morning with friends that I don't know". To me, being a college student, I really felt like these lines resonated with me. I think it's easy to feel lost and confused at this time in your life, especially when we have the weight of finding love also. We can get so wrapped up in things that don't matter, things that make up feel hopeless and unworthy that we look for distractions like this. I really like how honest and relatable this line was, it made me feel comforted to know that I'm not the only one facing this problem.

Essy is a Nashville, Tennessee born songwriter and musician. At the early age of 11, Easy began teaching herself piano and writing her own songs, all from finding influence in her father's record collection. As a teen, Easy attended many songwriting programs at Berklee College of Music and others. In her residence years, she worked alongside young Indie-pop artist Sasha Sloan and songwriter Michael Pollack. Following her college graduation, Easy returned to Nashville to pursue music. Easy creates a unique and vibrant sound from her combination of raw lyricism and groovy synth beats. She continues to bring a fresh new sound to the music world and we can't wait to hear what else is in store for this pop icon!

Written By Emily Hancock



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