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  • Dan Caddigan

Review: "Love Me Just a Little" - John Conlin

Love Me Just a Little is an anthem for all the heartsick romantics out there who long to be loved even for “just a little bit”. John Conlin’s impassioned vocals paint the picture of a lover sick and tired of having his heart broken by a modern-day dating hellscape that frowns upon the concepts of true love and chivalry – embodied by his line “No one wants to slow dance, what happened to romance?” You can’t help but allow yourself to get emotionally invested as you listen to this song, as the track’s raw and infectious energy makes it abundantly clear that Conlin has really put his heart into Love Me Just a Little. John pulls at listeners' heartstrings when he calls out for more affection from his partner, driving the message home as he repeatedly belts out “Just a little bit, love me just a little”. This tune belongs on everyone’s Rainy Day playlist on Spotify, where it should be kept on repeat in heavy rotation, even if only for Just a Little.

The initial forty seconds of Love Me Just a Little steadily build into the song’s first chorus, with a short and sweet pre-chorus acting fittingly acting as a nice transition and effectively increasing the energy of the melody. The single’s instrumentation is expertly dominated by synth pads and textures, with drums that are punchy and layered to create a strong rhythm section. With all that being said, the strongest instrument heard throughout Love Me Just a Little is surely John’s intoxicating voice – which crescendos into a beautiful climax at the conclusion of the track. The tune’s titular message repeats with layers of Conlin’s voice paired with female vocals, presumably those of his co-writer Suzie Buist. Overall, the song’s production is groovy and atmospheric, with plenty of layers and movement to keep listeners thoroughly interested.

Originally from Toronto, Canada – John Conlin is a hyper-talented singer-songwriter and producer who now resides stateside in sunny southern California, where he has already entrenched himself in the Los Angeles pop music scene. Conlin had a knack for music from a young age, having learned to play the piano as just a four-year-old; later going on to create his own musical compositions, before eventually teaching himself the fine art of production using his adolescent laptop. While he has been a songwriter for close to a decade now, John didn’t start writing professionally until about four years ago. Conlin cites Katy Perry and Max Martin as major influences on his process when it comes to producing pop vocals. You can currently find this young artist performing all around Southern California; so, be sure to catch a show if you find yourself in LA and looking to hear some really good pop music from an ascending talent.

Written By Dan Caddigan



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